Building a book

Printers Proofs 1

The day the printer’s proofs for G.L. Watson – The Art and Science of Yacht Design arrived from Italy was rather exciting.

In the same cell we’d been cooped up in for months of editorial and lay up – where, only a few weeks before, we were on manic all-nighters to finish a good index – we finally could see, feel and smell the real thing, although in the strange, seemingly random large sheets of the printer’s world.

Printers Proofs 2

There was something very satisfying about the fact that this final stage of our part in the production could only be completed with a scalpel, a straight edge and a cutting table; hands-on tools, instead of a mouse and a glaring screen.

Printers Proofs 3

Printers Proofs 4

What brain power remained was required one more time to ensure that the sections were in the correct order, and – not really amazingly, because we were in greatly experienced hands at Copper Reed Studio, and their printers – all was well.

One month later we had the completed masterpiece in our hands.

It’s a very beautiful thing this book, the result of much painstaking work: in the researching and writing by Martin Black, in the editorial and production work by “the team” and by our printers.

It makes a wonderful gift.

Read and see more, and purchase online here.

~ Iain McAllister ~


About Peggy Bawn Press

496pg biography of Scottish yacht designer, George Lennox Watson (1851-1904). Significant book on the history of yacht design & the development of modern yachting. Beautifully illustrated. Many photographs previously unpublished.
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