The first match racers?

As Women’s Match Racing World Championship competitors prepare for a second lovely Cork Harbour sailing day at the Royal Cork (the world’s oldest yacht club), meet Gipsy and Brunette of 1893. G.L. Watson designed them specifically for racing against each other. Were they the first match racers?

Gipsy and Brunette. (Yachting World)

Gipsy and Brunette match racing on the Firth of Clyde, 1893.
(Yachting World)

We wrote about their story, and the replica presently being built in Brittany by Hubert Stagnol for a Singapore based customer here.

A brief glimpse of daylight for the new Hubert Stagnol built Watson - minus lead keel. (Yachting Classique)

In-build photo of a replica of possibly the first ever match racing yacht design – minus lead keel.
  (Yachting Classique)


(Martin Black collection)

(Martin Black collection)

Is this another feather in the fedora of Glasgow yacht designer to the world, G.L. Watson (1851-1904)?

Martin Black’s beautifully written, produced and illustrated biography, G.L. WATSON – THE ART AND SCIENCE of YACHT DESIGN can be  purchased online at our website here, and at a growing list of other online and over the counter outlets here.

“I am jumping up and down for joy having the book, if only you knew how excited I am.” – John Lammerts van Bueren. 8mR Class Secretary.

~ Iain McAllister ~


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496pg biography of Scottish yacht designer, George Lennox Watson (1851-1904). Significant book on the history of yacht design & the development of modern yachting. Beautifully illustrated. Many photographs previously unpublished.
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